Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Book 1 - The Herald - Chapter 1 - (Agati) Arrival

Chellamma woke up with a start, her heart beating furiously and sweat flowing down her dark skin. Something had disrupted her sleep and despite the comfortable weather with its strong cool breeze, she was feeling like her house was an oven. Unable to breathe, she exited her small thatched hut to escape the feeling of asphyxiation. She raised her head upwards and braced her sides allowing the cool night air to flow into her lungs easily. As she took another deep breath she noticed a bright light in the sky continuously increasing in intensity. She completely forgot about her shortness of breath and stared intently at this most unusual occurrence. The air around her began to get warmer as the light got brighter. A tingling sensation ran over her skin making the light hair on her arms stand up.

Still the light grew in intensity. She felt entranced, rooted in place unable to look away. It seemed to be calling to her and she found it impossible to resist. She suddenly realized that the light was not in the sky but was moving steadily in her direction. Yet she remained still, something willed her to stay, almost as if it were her destiny. The light was almost upon her, the air was charged and soothingly warm. In a matter of seconds it got extremely bright, Chellamma thought she might go blind. But she felt enveloped in a peaceful countenance and she felt like lying down. She slumped to the ground, all her energy sapped. Her eyes closed as she passed out , just as the bright light faded out.


Rangarama was drunk! He knew his wife would scream at him all night for spending time at the gambling den. Well she would have to curb her tongue tonight because he had made a killing today. Rangarama was definitely very pleased with himself. As he waddled along towards his home he felt the air get warmer. "Nothing odd about that! The toddy must have been working its magic", he thought. Yet he had never felt this lightheaded and warm from drinking the horse-piss they served at the den before today.


"Get out of my way." He turned to face the idiot that had knocked into him. Looking up he realized that in his drunken state he had slammed into some stacked barrels. Just as he was about to be on his way, something caught his eye up in the sky. He rubbed his eyes and wondered if something else was in his drink this night. He was astonished to see a bright light shooting down to earth through the sky. And it was heading straight for Chellamma's house. In the moonlight, he watched as she emerged from the house and stood immobile as the light hurtled toward her. "Move you stupid woman. What is she doing?" Rangarama muttered under his breath as he ran towards Chellamma, hoping to reach her in time.

He was too late! The light hit her and there was a bright flash. He had to shield his eyes from the radiance, his approach brought to an abrupt stop. As the light faded away he looked towards Chellamma fearing the worst. She lay on the ground completely still. He approached her cautiously to check if she was still alive. Once he got close enough he noticed that her chest was rising and falling. "She's alive! Thank Muruga!" Looking closely he noticed that not only was she unhurt, she was asleep and her mouth formed into the most pleasant smile he had ever seen. She looked like she was in heaven. He lifted her up and took here into her hut and laid her down on her bed. He would come check on her in the morning. As he walked out the hovel, he wondered what was this wondrous thing that he had seen this night.

Streaks of light filled the hovel, piercing the thatched straw that formed the sides of the roof in her house. Chellamma opened her eyes, waking from her slumber and realizing she had never slept so soundly in all her life. She felt at peace, however such energy filled her body that had not existed in her old bones. Oddly though she had a unusual feeling, like a thought at the back of her mind which seemed to elude her concious faculties. 

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